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How often did you find yourself in a situation where you required information instantly, with no time for an email or a phone call?

Did you want to check the status of your order quickly?

Maybe get a quick quotation or find suitable material for your application?

All this is now possible, wherever you are, 24/7.

Join thousands of users who engage with MyResinex daily to find exactly what they are looking for, whenever, wherever.





01 Order Information

Find all the information, such as the status of your order, price (if known), quantity,  download the COA, and invoice for delivered orders.

02 Product Information

Find all the relevant information for your products and for our entire portfolio. You can easily use filters to find the product you are looking for. 

03 Ask For a Quotation

Found the product you want? Or is it time to order again? Quickly ask for a quotation for a specific grade and quantity.

04 Request a delivery for "Call Off" orders

Easily request to have a call-off order or a part of a call off order to be delivered on a specific date.

05  Technical Knowledge Base

View guides and source solutions for your technical teams

06  My Prices

See all your active quotations

07  Shopping Cart

Create order requests from your active quotes and add to the ´Shopping Cart´

​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

"A quick and easy way to find all my orders in one place and track their status. With a few clicks, I have all the information I need."



Purchaser from Germany

"It's effortless to find the right product or a grade for my application using easy-to-navigate filtering options. This gives me more time to concentrate on my daily tasks."



Product Manager from Finland

"Instead of waiting on people getting back on my documentation requests I can quickly find them myself. Having all the documentation has been the most valuable and time-saving option in MyResinex."



A Quality Manager from Greece